Patient Story

“At first, I was worried that the center would not be suitable for my father, and that he would suffer emotionally. But since I have come to know this Centre, I thank God, all my fears and worries have gone.”

- Majed AlMegbali

“My health improved greatly since I came. Before that, I couldn't stand. I couldn't raise my arm even if I tried, not even raise my fingers. Now I can move my fingers, I can move my shoulder normally. I can stand, I can walk a little.”

- Khalifa Al Naimy

“I was in Germany when I first heard that the center opened, I asked to be treated at Cambridge and I thank God the treatment is very organized. What I love the most are these bars because I can stand and walk with them. I also like the treatment at the pool and I can stand on my own without holding on to anything.”

- Mohamed Al Jeadi