Ensuring the best quality of services to our patients requires dedication, commitment and recognition. CMRC proudly to acquire the top world accreditations to recognize the efforts beyond quality


UAE facilities are granted the CARF accreditation till December 2020.

CARF is an international, not-for-profit organization that promotes quality rehabilitation services by establishing international standards for quality and surveying those organizations to assure the standards are being met.

Achieving CARF accreditation requires a rehabilitation organization to commit to exceptional quality improvement, focus on the unique needs of each person served, and monitor the results of services being provided.

Joint Commission International (JCI)

Joint Commission International (JCI)

UAE facilities has been successfully re-accredited by the JCI in December 2018.

JCI identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety with the world. It provides leadership and innovative solutions to help health care organizations across all settings improve performance and outcomes.

Their expert team works with hospitals and other health care organizations, health systems, government ministries, public health agencies, academic institutions, and businesses to achieve peak performance in patient care.

Abu Dhabi Health and Safety Management System Inspection

AD Health and Safety Management System Inspection

CMRC-Abu Dhabi & Al Ain December 2018.

HAAD Mandated Occupational Health and Safety Management System Inspection: CMRC-Abu Dhabi & Al Ain: December, 2018 Full Accreditation/Successful Survey.