Having the most trusted facilities in the area, Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is beautifully endowed with the comfort of your own home yet fully equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art healthcare technologies. The staff at our cozy facilities takes pride in caring for our community of patients and providing them with a warm and friendly environment. Our focus is on restoring patients to their maximum level of functioning so they can return home and enjoy independent living. We work closely with our patients every day to provide a superior experience and ensure that their goals are achieved.

Understanding and anticipating the clinical needs of our patients is one of the many ways in which we provide exceptional care. As such we provide onsite hemodialysis for those patients in need of this life-saving clinical service. The hemodialysis service is conducted within the privacy and comfort of patients’ own rooms, supervised by a HAAD licensed nephrologist; all without ever needing to leave Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center.”

  • Inside parking
  • 24 hours security
  • Events space
  • Fully shaded areas

Pediatrics Department


Fully interactive Wi-Fi controlled space that can stimulate an individual to control their environment in a variety of ways. Using the latest in interactive technologies and app based programs, the slightest movement can change the color and mood of the room, produce sounds or movement which the child then learns is associated with an action.

The M.I.L.E. can be used in a special needs environment to create a relaxing and calming environment for users with soothing lights and calm music or it can be used as an interactive stimulating tool. The M.I.L.E. is totally interactive and allows the user to decide what images are shown or what light smells or colors to select. It also functions with a range of highly sensitive switches which can be controlled in a number of ways so it is ideal for users with poor body movement. dual regardless of age or ability. The M.I.L.E. makes learning more engaging as it combines light, sound, video, moving air, different aromas, and even atmospheric conditions.


Complete with Sensory integration swing, the Paediatric gym is a space where children can learn and develop gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance or overcome sensory processing issues in a safe environment.

With specialist assessment tools and treatment programs, our therapists are highly skilled in identifying what issues your child is facing and developing a structured, comprehensive, and holistic plan to actively overcome them.

Shallow pool for 1:1 sessions with children and infants with complex conditions. The water is maintained at 35 degrees to provide a soothing and calming experience, reducing pain, muscle tone and spasticity.

Adults Department


Each inpatient room is designed as a home from home space, with home like décor and lighting, but is fully accessible for those with mobility impairments. All rooms are en-suite and details such as shower position and height and room configuration have been specifically designed to make carrying out activities of daily living independently, much easier for those in a wheelchair.

All equipment is lightweight and portable, giving a less medical feel to the facility and allowing active participation wherever possible.


Our fully accessible adult pool is complete with ceiling track hoist to ensure even the most severely affected patients can benefit from the soothing properties of moving in warm water. Whether patients have a chronic debilitating condition or are recovering from surgery or injury, our pool has something to offer. With 2 working depths of 1.3m and 1.5m, the full hydrostatic and resistive effects of working in water can be harnessed.

Resistance jets provide increased challenge for high level strengthening and movement re-education. Pool temperature is maintained at 35°-degree C providing a soothing environment for low impact rehabilitation.

Our accessible changing areas are equipped with height adjustable changing benches which are accessed by the ceiling track hoist, making changing and showering post hydrotherapy easier for even the most severely disabled patients.


Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center is a UAE’s specialized rehabilitation and long-term care provider, with facilities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dhahran in KSA, restoring health and bringing peace of mind to our patients and their family members through an approach that combines the latest medical technology and techniques with a genuinely human touch.

  • Inside parking
  • 24 hours security
  • Events space
  • Fully shaded areas

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