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At CMRC, we recognize all of our patients’ needs from assisting them with their rehabilitation needs down to their little daily tasks. The whole team will always be devoted to enhancing the quality of life of our patients and their families



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The Largest Post Acute Provider in UAE & KSA

The Specialized Post-Acute Provider in UAE & KSA

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center pioneer in Post-Acute Services in the GCC, with 3 facilities, 2 of which are located in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi and city of Al Ain; a third facility in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being the specialized provider in the GCC, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center caters a comprehensive set of Rehabilitation services including Long-Term Care, Post-Acute Rehabilitation, Transitional Vent Weaning Program, Out-Patient Rehabilitation Programs and Home HealthCare making Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center is the only provider of such extensive enriched services to be found in UAE & KSA.

CMRC Experts

Multidisciplinary Professionals

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation specialized teams will continue to always provide hope by identifying key sights that will only ease the patient’s healing journey. The outstanding team members that consists of multidisciplinary professionals are always focused on prioritizing patients’ and their families by providing them the required support by catering the best evidence practiced solutions with blending a mix of latest technology and ascension teams of CMRC teams that consist of world-class Physicians, specialized Therapists, skilled Nurses, Case Managers, and General Practitioners to help the patients overcome their obstacles.

Quality of Care

Quality of Care

“Specialized Care offers superior patient outcomes”, Dr. Howard S. Podolsky. Ultimately, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center, as group exists to enhance patient’s well-being, the quality of life and to improve the healing journey of patients. As Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center is one of the most diversified facilities in the region for Post-Acute Rehabilitation programs for In-Patient and Out-Patient services to assist patients that come to the facilities in the United Arab Emirates or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of well-known high level of care that is provided among the facilities across the region. By being a market leader for Rehabilitation services for both adults and children establishing its “Continuum of Care” with dual accreditations as well for CARF and JCI, is to always give the message for the community, Quality always matters.

Second Home Experience

Second Home Experience

In a friendly home like environment, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center brings humanity that is found among all CMRC Team members that prioritizes the patients and treats them as one from within, where at CMRC Rehabilitation is done with the patients and not to a patient. Making patients and staff to come along as one family, to feel at their second home and constantly among their families and loved ones. This is to raise a lead in the patient that their future of tomorrow depends on where they rehabilitate today.

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