Abdullah Jayoul, a success story from dependence to weaning from Mechanical Ventilation

Abdulla Jayoul

On the 18th of March, 2020; a new day started at Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center when Mr. Abdallah was admitted to the facility of Abu Dhabi to undergo one of a kind program, Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation. On that day of his admission, Mr. Abdullah’s weaning journey began. It all started by setting a weaning plan, which includes as well, medical and rehabilitation goals, all of which are set and personalized by specialized physicians and therapists to support the patient to achieve the highest level of independence.

Mr. Abdullah needed to receive the right patient care to lead him to successful weaning from mechanical ventilator dependency. Many doctors discussed that Mr. Abdullah’s case was complicated and difficult to wean. At the time of his admission, he couldn’t walk; neither could he sit at a chair for long hours or even get out of bed without any assistance. Mr. Abdullah had heart failure due to a severe cardiac arrest, which led to weakening his respiratory system making it harder for his lungs to perform the regular exchange of gases of which we all do in inhalation and exhalation process known as breathing.

Through his rehabilitation journey, Mr. Abdullah was placed for training and exercises. He was accompanied by a team of specialized rehab experts, including an occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, and certified respiratory therapist (CRT), to help him reach his goals. His rehabilitation plan allowed him to maintain a good blood pressure, which kept the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease possibilities far from reaching him. Also, the team planned to measure his respiratory and breathing rate to know if he has the right level of oxygenated blood as his circulatory system did not show any alerts of accumulating problems such a lung disease or other critical illness that could slow down his rehabilitation plan.

Moreover, no vital signs showed that there was no chest rise or harm to any of the intercostal muscles that showed no change in the chest cavity, which made the team more confident that there was no possibility of a respiratory failure to occur or any acute respiratory distress syndrome.

The 82 years old champion has made a significant recovery, following the focused and patient goal-oriented plan, within three months. The endotracheal tube placed into the respiratory tract was removed, and Mr. Abdullah was breathing on his own.

This all had set Mr. Abdullah towards his recovery pathway, making his journey remarkable. Moreover, He will no longer need any critical care units as those changes gained after three months are ever-lasting. Now he is capable of moving out of bed, and sitting back on a chair for 3 to 4 hours back to back in a day will surely give him motivation and life support.

 Mr. Abdullah was able to regain his motor capacity to practice the least of his activities of daily living with the least minimal assistance needed. As now he breathes normally, throughout his sleeping hours, he is still ventilator dependent on avoiding any sleep apnea occurrence.

Since 2014, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center has filled a void in the healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates for the rehabilitation and long-term care services, becoming the leading group of facilities in the region, with an outstanding program for Weaning from Mechanical Ventilators. As day by day pass, their teams have established outcomes that accumulated to become market benchmarks, where no other similar service provider would easily strike. With 85% of patients’ accumulative discharge rate, 91% of Patient Satisfaction, and precisely 72% of successful weans.

Transitional Vent Unit program at Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center was introduced to ensure safe transit for patients’ post-hospitalization to home. This program allows successful weaning from a mechanical ventilator, which helps to reduce the need for patient’s stay at Intensive Care Units leading to decrease risk to grasp any infection. Moreover, it makes it possible to free up more time for rehabilitation goals. It concludes a faster and earlier recovery as well by increasing the patient’s quality of life.

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center will keep looking for better solutions to help the critical cases our community faces every day. Whether it is a premature infant, adolescent, teenager, or an adult, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center teams work tirelessly to support each case by personalizing their treatment and medical recovery plans, emphasizing on the organization’s slogan where “Progress Made Personal”.