Burns Rehabilitation

Depending on the area and the severity of burns psychological aspect of the patient may be affected. Which means they may require assistance to psychologically adjust. Burns treatment differs depending on injuries sustained, degree of burns and age. Treatment does not stop after discharge from hospital it can go on for years.

Team approach is very important in treatment of burns patient to ensure that they benefit optimally. Burns can lead to severe contractures which may be disabling to the patient. That is why rehabilitation should begin immediately. Another problem that patients after burn struggle with are scars which can be very bad if scar management has not been given. Some of the problems that may be life if a patient sustains burns and not get rehab include bones and joints problems, lack of self-esteem , inability to perform daily activities which may lead to loss of employment in adults, depression etc.

After sustaining burns make sure you get assessed for rehabilitation to avoid burns problems that could be life-long if left untreated. Request that your Doctor refer you to an Occupational therapist or Physical therapist.