Women Health

Women are unique beings that goes to different phases in life. These phases include menstruation, pregnancy and child birth. During these phase, hormonal changes happen and so women experience physiological changes in their body. It is common that women experience pain in several areas of the body which may be work related or just mainly because of the physical and physiological changes in their body as we go through these phases and also as we age.

It is highly recommended that you seek medical advice from the doctor regarding your current condition and visit your physiotherapist for further evaluation.
Physiotherapist can help treat injuries and teach you how to prevent pain and injury. From pregnancy related issues such as back pain, bowel dysfunction, constipation, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic injuries, post-natal complications such as diastasis recti, incontinence and weakness of pelvic floor to weight gain and postural changes.

Your physiotherapist may help provide individualized exercise program and management to help you increase your mobility, relieve pain, build strength and improve posture to be able return back to your daily life.