ICU Management Physical Therapy

At CMRC, we do the following:

  • Ventilator appraisal
  • Rotational treatment Includes situating, chest care, suctioning, appendage physiotherapy at regular intervals.
  • Early assembly Virtual reality static cycling, Continuous uninvolved development treatment multiple times every day.
  • Extubating – Mobilize to seat, Ambulation and move out of the ICU
  • Management of aviation route emissions Percussion, Vibration, shaking, Manual hyperinflation and suctioning.
  • Management of emission in a non-ventilator understanding incorporates – Tactile tangible incitement sleeve reflex, Insufflation, and exsuffelation. Energy gadgets, Naso oral suctioning, postural waste situating as indicated by the chest X-beam and auscultation, ACBT system.