Is a motor speech disorder, the primary difficulty with this disorder is the brain has difficulty planning to move the body parts (e.g., jaw, lips, and tongue) needed for speech, most children who have (CAS) know what they want to say, the problem with their brain that getting their mouth muscles to move correctly, they also have the following disorders: language and articulation disorders, inconsistent errors on consonants and vowels during repeated words and syllables, lengthened and disrupted coarticulatory transitions between sounds and syllables, and inappropriate prosody.

Typically muscle weakness is not to blame for this speech disorder, these children have difficulty making speech sounds voluntary and stringing theses sounds together in the correct order to make syllables, words, and sentences. Management of this disorders including implementing speech sessions 3-5 times weekly, once the child improves, he or she may need therapy less often, group therapy will be good in case the child became better specially when producing sentences, for sever cases they can use AAC devices to communicate, these systems will help them to learn to speak, as the treatment of (CAS) takes time, the family of the patient need support, so that family support is must.