Hip Injury

The hip joint is a large joint that joins the thigh bone (femur) to the pelvic bone. It is known as a ball and socket joint. This enables the joint to move through a large range of movement.

It is a stable joint but can be injuries can be caused by many different factors.
These include but is not limited to falls, sports activities, overuse activities, fractures, infections, arthritis, poor ergonomics, muscle strains and sprains etc.

Injury can result in pain of varying degrees, limitation in range of movement, possible instability as well as swelling, and loss of strength. Some infections may cause weakness in the bone itself.

Treatment of hip injuries will depend on the cause and mechanism of injury, the severity of the symptoms and the global presentation of the individual affected.

Some treatment options are rest, heat or cold therapy, electrotherapy and medication.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in rehabilitation after injury. Physiotherapy will aid in pain management, strengthening of muscles, improving range of movement, re-education of proper ergonomics and ultimately return to highest possible functional level and normal daily activities.