The Diamond sponsor for the 14th version of SEHA

14th SEHA Pediatirc Conference

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center has come forward to assume a leadership role by sponsoring the 14th edition of the SEHA International Pediatric Conference as a Platinum sponsor, which was held from the 16th until January 18, 2020. As UAE’s leading rehabilitation and long-term care facility, for improving lives and restoring health to their patients, as carrying out a responsibility for enhancing awareness, education, knowledge, through this sponsorship that enhances value and enriches the healthcare industry in the UAE and GCC region.

The conference included pediatric lecture topics such as Genetics & Metabolic, Infection, Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine, Neurology, Emergency, Quality, and Patient Safety, of which all fall under the services of Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, encompassing its 3 facilities located at Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In making this contribution, Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center can share their expertise and emphasize their strategies that lead to such great results. Results that are obtained by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility implying worthy trust that patients place in CMRC. By providing the best care to treat patients and their families; demonstrating excellence in all of which they do. Keeping the center of focus on continuous improvement for their patients, and continuum of care, thereby supporting progress to achieve the required therapeutic goals for reaching a successful discharge.

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is not only limited to pediatric Services, as patients from all ages are served. With an available 240 beds capacity currently among the three (3) facilities with more than 800 improved patients, Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center has attained world-class scores in Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care services.

15% to 20% of CMRC inpatients are enrolled in  the Transitional Vent Unit program for  mechanical ventilator weaning.; The CMRC Transitional Vent Unit program is comprised of outstanding clinical staff, inclusive of Intensive Care Physicians, ICU Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, as well as Rehabilitation Therapists, who possess singular expertise in developing bespoke weaning protocols unique to each of our mechanically ventilated patients thereby achieving a very successful weaning rate of greater than 70%. This percentage is a stand-alone proof of a healthcare organization that is always working tirelessly to provide exceptional care to its patients and their families.

In relation to the success rate of weaning patients dependent on mechanical ventilators, this is associated with another achievement, which is our discharge rate. The discharge rate indicates that  patients have successfully completed their required therapy plan(s), and meet and/or exceed their therapy goals thereby reintegrating to community, home, and family. At Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center we lead the market in successful discharges with a cumulative discharge rate of 85%.

Therefore, with this transition of patients to rehabilitation facilities like Cambridge, acute-care hospitals can free up beds for severe cases that require special acute care. Therefore, more patients can be served and benefit by being provided with the appropriate rehabilitative services in an environment designed for and conducive to their rehabilitative journey outside acute-care hospitals.

Those results serve as a catalyst that facilitates patients to be transformed to other specialized treatment plans and services that are tailored to their needs and requirements at a later phase throughout their therapy journey, at Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center.

Enhancing communities by being a major partner at events under the umbrella of continuous medical education ensures the commitment for enlightening the attendees of such events with the important concept of post-acute rehabilitation. Through support by the sharing of knowledge, lectures, reaching out to doctors and healthcare providers to work entirely as a team, this endorses the vision of #A_Healthier_AbuDhabi that nonetheless keeps the medical community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi empowered with key initiatives and activities. This collaboration for sharing will not only enhance the transition process but will increase the quality of the patient’s journey to the intended center for their needed rehabilitation.